Mongolian BBQ Coupons

Make your family night out affordable with Mongolian BBQ coupons!

Mongolian barbeque’s are all the rage right now with restaurants popping up all over the world.  If you haven’t been to a Mongolian bbq or don’t have one near you, you are really missing out on some tasty food!

Mongolian BBQ CouponsMongolian bbq’s aren’t traditional cookout type barbecue’s that happen across America’s backyards.  It’s food cooked on a big open griddle style table, stir fry style.  Most of the popular Mongolian bbq restaurants are setup so that you pick from a buffet of raw foods like different veggie’s, meats, and tofu (for the vegetarian’s!).  It’s set up salad bar style and once you fill your plate with the food you want cooked up, you bring it to the guy who works the grill and cooks it up for you.  You select the special stir fry sauce you’d like and the grill guy cooks it right in front of you!

As these Mongolian bbq restaurants become more popular, Mongolian bbq coupons become more sought after.

The most popular of the Mongolian bbq restaurants in the United States is a chain called BD s Mongolian BBQ.  BD’s Mongolian Grill has the majority of its restaurants in the central US.  If you have a BD s Mongolian BBQ near you, then you should look for BD s Mongolian BBQ coupons.  Other popular Mongolian bbq restaurants are Khan’s Mongolian BBQ, and HutHot Mongolian Grill.  Most Mongolian bbq restaurants offer an all-you-can-eat option, which is great for families!

To find a good Mongolian bbq coupon for a restaurant near you, look in your local paper for specials or coupons.  The Entertainment book is also a great place to find Mongolian bbq coupons.  The Entertainment book has a great local restaurant selection and is well worth the investment if you dine out frequently.  Another good place to look for Mongolian bbq coupons is at the various specialty coupon sites around the web.  You also may get lucky and find one on the restaurant’s website.  If you live near a tourist destination, look for promotional area guides, booklets, and pamphlets.  During peak season many local restaurants will offer specials and coupons in these books to entice visitors into dining there.

A Mongolian BBQ restaurant can make for a fun family night out, and finding the best mongolian bbq coupons can also make it an affordable night out.

BD s Mongolian BBQ Coupons

If you have a BD s Mongolian BBQ (BD s Mongolian Grill) near you then you can sign up for “Club Mongo” on their website.  They send you a special gift on your birthday and also email you a coupon for a free dessert or a $5 coupon just for signing up.  To sign up … Continue reading